10 Foot Long Telescoping Camera

Sometimes you need to see something in full detail that’s just out of reach. Or waaaaaaay out of reach. Since none of use except Matthew Broderick are Inspector Gadget and can just say “go go gadget arm” and have our arm extend out 10 feet, we’ll just have to use the 10 Foot Telescoping Camera instead. It’s the camera that kinda looks like a fishing pole. It even comes apart into sections and with a nice looking carrying case.

This camera has a flexible head at the top, so you can angle it into whatever nook or cranny you need to see. No need to climb on a ladder or duct tape your iPhone to a yardstick. The tip of the light also has 12 bright LED’s to light up dark spaces or see in the dark. Take a peek into your attic, crawlspace, behind walls, gutters, roofs, anywhere you can fit this slim pole you can now see.