Wipe Shirt Has a Built in Microfiber Wiping Cloth

As anyone who’s ever tried to wipe down a cell phone, ipod, pair of glasses, or personal video gaming system knows- using your shirt to clean the screen is never as effective as a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can breathe heavily and then wipe down your screen all your want, it’s still not as good as microfiber. But what if you had a simple white dress shirt with a built in microfiber cloth? You can with Fift’s Wipe Shirt, a tailored shirt that comes with an integrated microfiber cloth patch in either the shirttail or on the cuff (your choice).

Now wiping off your glasses or gadget is simple and effective, and there’s no need to carry around a spare microfiber cleaning cloth in your back pocket (who does that?). The caveat is that it costs $159 for this shirt which may or may not be a lot, depending on your clothing budget. If it’s too much, you could probably just sew a microfiber cloth into your existing shirt for little to no extra cost.

3 thoughts on “Wipe Shirt Has a Built in Microfiber Wiping Cloth

  1. this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. Maybe they could put a wiper on the back so you can wipe your a$$ with it too!

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