G-Spout Adds a Spout to Any Pot or Pan

If you’ve ever tried to pour something out of a pot or saucepan that doesn’t have a built in spout, you know that you’re likely to make a mess all over your counter. You can avoid spilling things everywhere and the associated cleanup you (or your maid!) will have to do with the G-Spout. Yes I’m having to trip check each time I type it to make sure I’m not typing in “Spot”. The G-Spout attaches to any skillet, double boiler, bowl or can and functions as a spout.
The dishwasher and microwave safe G-Spout has a removable strainer so you can easily drain the liquids out of a skillet and keep the solids- ideal for draining out grease and oil from your food. It can eliminate the need for ladles in certain cases, although I’m not sure you’d want to (or could) lift up a giant pot of soup to pour it into a bowl. You can also use the G-Spout for household use like paint and grease and oil for your car. Costs $13.

G-Spout (caution: autoplaying video!) via Coolest Gadgets