Chillaerator Cools Aerates and Pours Wine

Quickly chill your white wines to the perfect drinking temperature and then pour them with the Chillaerator. To use the Chillaerator, store it in the freezer ahead of time. When you’re ready to drink your wine, just place the cooling rod into your wine bottle and within minutes your wine is at the ideal temperature. Unlike other chilling rods, you don’t have to remove this one to pour out your wine. Just flip the nozzle open at the top and it will aerate your wine as you pour it out:
chillaerator pouring
The advantage of this pouring spout is huge- your wine in the bottle will continue to be chilled even after you’ve filled a glass (or two or three) and the aeration open up the wine so you can taste the full complexity of the libation. It also works for red wines. While you don’t want to cool down reds as much as white wines, you certainly don’t want to be drinking overly warm wine that’s been sitting in a hot room or outside. Cool your reds down to room temperature in a flash. Wipe the Chillaerator clean when done and refreeze it for the next time. Neat.