Fizz Saver Dispenser Keeps Your Soda Fizzy

The Fizz Saver Dispenser keeps your soda fizzy and turns the bottle into a beer keg-like pourer. You twist the dispenser on to the top of a plastic 2 liter bottle, then flip the bottle upside down to dispense drinks. The soda will stay carbonated and you can pour it right from your fridge. Cool.

via 7gadgets

11 thoughts on “Fizz Saver Dispenser Keeps Your Soda Fizzy

  1. I used to own a simliar product which i have not been able to find in years!! It was a nozzle you screw onto the soda bottle, and it used gaskets to keep the soda fizzy. You squeeze the handle of the nozzle, and you could then pour the soda, down to the last drop of the bottle, no matter how long you had the soda in the fridge, and it would stay fizzy. Beautiful product! I don’t know how much money i’ve lost over the years because of flat soda. Probably hundreds of dollars. This device is worth it, if it works as good as the one i had did.

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