Epic 17.5 Foot Tall Inflatable Fortnite Battle Bus

Do you know what season it is in Fortnite right now? It’s Halloween season. Which means it’s perfectly acceptable to put gigantic inflatables on your front lawn, even if they have little to no relation to the actual holiday. So go for it big time with this absolutely massive Fortnite Battle Bus Inflatable. It’s a towering 17.5 feet tall and 18 feet long and sure to grab the attention of… well everyone pretty much. Where are we dropping boys?! Right in front your house.

For those not familiar with the popular video game, the blue bus carries all the players in the game over an island where they parachute down and then battle each other. What does this have to do with Halloween? Nothing. So that actually means you can use it for all the other holidays as well- Christmas, 4th of July, Columbus Day (heck, Columbus could have saved a lot of time if he had a bus attached to a hot air balloon instead of a boat). Set it up and emote away.