8 Foot Tall Cardboard AT-AT Sled

cardboard atat
The 8th annual Cardboard Classic was held last week in Lansing, MI and probably the coolest entry in the event was this giant AT-AT Walker. Contestants can build any type of sled they want, as long as it’s made only of cardboard and tape or glue. A few awesome dudes went above and beyond the standard flat sled and built a huge 7 foot 8 inch tall homage to the Battle on Hoth entirely out of cardboard. Closeup:
cardboard at at sled
It took them over 70 hours to create this Star Wars masterpiece. One man actually sat down underneath as it sledded down the hill. Unfortunately the ride down the hill was about as successful as the AT-AT’s were in the Battle of Hoth but this time it didn’t take Luke Skywalker and his merry band of Rebels to take it down- just a little gravity. Check out the video of this cardboard creation heading down the hill:

The Emperor will be most displeased with this apparent lack of progress. (via cnet)

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