Golf Putting Pool Table

This is a great game fore! your home, a real hole in one. The Golf Putting Pool Table is a giant putting green that lets you play pool. And golf. At the same time. Everyone can get in on the fun. This 78″ by 57″ mat rolls up for easy storage (you know, in case you don’t want a permanent giant pool table on your floor, but hey if you do then go for it champ). To set it up, just unroll, attach the rails, and you’re good to go.

Looks like tons of fun. And easier for kids (and adults) to master than regular game of pool because it’s way easier to hit a putt than use a pool cue. The set comes with the green, rails, carbon fiber golf clubs, and 16 golf balls painted up just like a normal pool set. A great gift or party idea. Just don’t two putt the eight ball and don’t chalk up your golf clubs.