Human Slingshot (More Like Human Rubberband)

They’re calling this thing the Human Slingshot but as far as we’re concerned it’s more like the Human Rubberband. If it was a slingshot, I’d expect to see bodies flying through the air like Angry Birds. Regardless this is a four person toy that involves people being slingshotted…errr rubberbanded from one side to the opposite. When all four are moving, it’s sort of a criss-cross weave as you try to avoid the others coming across the middle. Watch this video to see what the hell I just poorly described:

Now that actually looks like fun and some good exercise. Comes in black and blue which is exactly what my uncoordinated and lethargic self would be if I used this thing. Unstretched the band measures about 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide (I’m assuming that means 8 foot diameter). You can also put it on your wrist and go as Honey I Shrank the Kids for Halloween.