Inflatable Clear Bottomed Kayak

inflatable clear kayak
They say you can’t take it with you. But you can take it with you AND see what’s happening all around you with the Inflatable Clear Bottom Kayak. You can even bring a friend along the way. This two person kayak has a pair of 19″ by 14″ clear polycarbonate panels on the bottom of the boat so you can see all the terrain, plants, and marine life that’s below you as you paddle along. Since the kayak is inflatable that also means it deflates so you can carry it:
inflatable clear kayak backpack
It includes a mesh backpack to carry the boat (even if it just means carrying it from your car to the river or across some dry terrain to get to the next section of navigable water). The kayak’s hull is made from durable UV-resistant 1200-denier tarpaulin and 3 high-pressure drop stitch panels on the floor support up to 350 pounds. That’s should be sufficient for 2 people or 1 person and a literal boatload of beer. Either way it’s a good time all around.
inflatble kayak top view
The seats are foam padded for comfort and the kayak has 4 hard rudders to assist with tracking and stability. It has bungee tie-downs with covers to hold your gear safely. 4 handles help with portage, or you could just deflate it. The kayak comes with an air pump that will blow your kayak up in under 10 minutes. Fully inflated the craft measures 14 feet long by 3 feet wide, deflated it’s 32″ by 18″ by 14″. The whole thing weighs just 50 pounds. Pretty cool and a great way to own a kayak without needing a roof rack or trailer for your car.