FreezerBoy Turns Your Fridge Into a GameBoy

Ever feel like you’re living in a video game? Make your fridge look like a giant GameBoy with the FreezerBoy. It’s a set of magnets that stick onto your fridge and not only make it look like the classic Nintendo handheld console, it’s also a dry erase board! Leave a reminder note, take a phone message, add to your shopping list, or just start doodling. Of course you’ll be doodling Tetris blocks because Tetris was by far the best GameBoy game (and also the easiest to draw). But wait, there’s more! You’re not limited to just your refrigerator, stick it anywhere, like this washing machine:

The screen portion of this magnet set measures 12″ by 16″ so there’s plenty of room for whatever you choose to write on there. Get some fine tip color dry erase markers and upgrade this beyond anything the original GameBoy ever could display. The set comes with 6 magnets, so you can set up the D-pad and buttons below the screen for the ultimate geek shrine. Game on.