Jet Powered Lawnmower Tractor

jet tractor
The turbitrac is a jet powered tractor lawnmower thing (can you tell I live in an apartment building with no lawn or what?). This turbo running propane fueled jet engine can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees, which is probably hot enough to turn your lawn into a charred mess. The turbitrac just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to do things without questioning yourself- without asking questions like “why?” or “can this possibly kill me?” or “do I have anything more productive to do with my time?”. Really a life lesson for all of us. Here’s some video of this crazy lawnmower tractor thing in action along with other jet powered homemade small vehicles (note the guy at 1:00 who gets his face engulfed in an exhaust fireball!):

environmental graffiti via TechE