Multi-Head Portable Above Ground Sprinkler

Everybody wants to have a lush green lawn for the summer, one you can walk around on barefoot or play sports with your buddies or friends. I don’t have to tell you that the key to a great lawn and garden is irrigation. The advantages of an in-ground sprinkler are great- it directs water to the all areas of your lawn. Above-ground sprinklers usually have to be moved halfway through to enable full coverage. Not so with the awesome new Multi-Head Portable Sprinkler, a multi-head above-ground sprinkler.

This portable sprinkler has all the benefits of an underground sprinkler system plus more. The 18′ hose has three in-line sprinkler heads with five spray settings (each head is independently adjustable too). The stake-mounted sprinkler heads have 6′ of hose inbetween each enabling great water coverage and saturation. Inground systems can be very expensive to install and may not even be possible to install at your home due to soil or climate conditions, so this is a great alternative for under $25.

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Another option is to get a Garden Hose Y-Connector which simply splits your spigot into two spouts so you can connect 2 hoses.

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