Star Wars Inflatable Christmas Lawn Decorations

r2d2 c3po inflatable christmas
Droid to the world, the Lord (Vader) is come. Geek up your Christmas decorations this year with these awesome inflatable Star Wars lawn decorations. Starting with the dynamic droid duo of R2D2 and C3PO bringing you a witty holiday message at the bottom and decked out in Christmas lights. C3PO measures 5.5″ tall and R2 is… let’s just say he measures a little less than that.
darth vader christmas inflatable
Next up is the Scrooge of the galaxy, Darth Vader in a Santa Hat. He’s 42″ tall, lights up, and wants to bring cheer and goodwill to mankind this year- nah just kidding, death and destruction. Unless you join the Dark Side. But maybe we can step it up a notch…
vader death star lawn christmas
By adding the Death Star! The Darth Vader with Death Star not only features a larger more imposing Vader (at 6′ tall), it also plays music: the Imperial March, natch. But wait, there’s more. The Death Star snowball lights up with a kaleidoscopic effect. Epic.
yoda inflatable christmas
Last but certainly not least (well, maybe least in height) is Yoda as Father Christmas Santa. Calm, all is. He’s 42″ tall, lights up, and is full of Jedi knowledge and holiday cheer. He’s decked out in a seasonal robe. For indoor or outdoor use. Christmas, a merry one, I wish you.
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