Fiskar Momentum Lawn Mower Has a Flywheel

The Momentum Reel Mower from Fiskar is a modern looking push mower with a unique feature that makes it much easier to push. The Momentum features patent pending InertiaDriveā„¢ technology which combines a large diameter cutting reel and heavy blades to store energy (like a flywheel). When you’re pushing the mower through twigs, thick grass or weeds, the reel gives you an burst of extra cutting power. Fiskar also claims that this mower is 30% easier to push in long grass thanks to reduced friction in the blades.

It also has an adjustable mowing height feature which allows you to set the grass height from 1-4″, the largest range of any reel mower. The design also allows the Momentum to get extremely close to the edge of your grass for a nice neat edging. The ergonomic handle has 3 height adjustment settings.

Innovations like these are a true boon to the green movement. Gas powered lawnmowers are one of the biggest polluters in the suburbs, spewing forth exhaust at a rate significantly higher than cars. Not to mention they are also extremely noisy. While electric mowers are a greener solution, a push reel mower is the greenest solution of all and flywheel-like technologies that make them easier to push will hopefully herald a return to the older simpler and greener ways of cutting the lawn.

The Momentum Reel Mower is available direct from Fiskars online, at Lowes, or other home improvement stores for around $250.

via red ferret