Toilet Paper Dispenser with Matchbox Holder

Lighting a match after you use the bathroom is a measure of courtesy that everyone should be doing (looking at you Steve from accounting, seriously what the heck did you eat for breakfast this week?) So why not have a little slot directly on the toilet paper holder where you can easily store a box of matches in a spot that those who need to use them most (Steve) can’t miss. The Matchbox TP Holder does just that, with a dedicated spot on the top to hold a matchbox. There’s even a little image of a match.

Lighting a match is a way more effective way to cover up any unpleasant bathroom smells than using one of those aerosol sprays which somehow end up combining with the bathroom odors to make some sort of terrible combination smell. So don’t do that (Steve from accounting). Please. Use a match. This tp holder is made of earthenware and can be mounted to the wall with screws or adhered to a tile wall. A useful bathroom accessory everyone can use (especially Steve).