Hanging Around- Gyroscopic Hammock

Still using one of those old-fashioned hammocks that are basically a piece of fabric hung between a pair of trees or a pole stand? Well step into the spinning steel future of lounging about with this amazing Gyroscopic Hammock. It reminds me of one those amusement park astronaut training “rides” or Space Camp (which was every 80’s kid’s dream summer camp). Made of steel, it spins 360 degrees while you lie in comfort on a lightly curving cushion. The stand is 8 feet tall and remains planted while the two inner rings spin to your liking.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “hey, self, this thing kinda looks like the Chinese moon gate at The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona”, you’d be correct, this is inspired by said gate. And you’re some kind of architecture genius, congrats you. Comes with 5 outdoor cushions. This hammock holds up to 1,000 pounds (aka my approximate weight after scarfing down 3rds on Thanksgiving). Looks cool, is totally functional, and unlike a tree strung hammock, you can move this one around anywhere you want, no trees needed- maybe even indoors.