Robot Toilet Paper or Tissue Box Holder

This little robot neatly holds your toilet paper in his little robot body and handily dispenses sheets through his robot mouth. The HoroM Toilet Paper Holder is the hero ummm… Horo we all need right now. How does he do it? Just open up his robot back panel like Small Wonder and slide your roll over his robot dowel and he’s ready to dispense, robotically. Can you spare a square?

Because this robot is made of natural bamboo instead of metal like most other robots, it’s actually water resistant, which we’ve been told is a pretty important quality to have for items that go in bathrooms. So we’ve heard. Word on the street. Looks like it can hold tissue boxes too, or maybe just unboxed tissues. Would work nicely in a bathroom situation where you can’t wall mount a toilet paper holder but have a counter or shelf to put it on.