Tiny Toy Car Hidden Video Camera

Brando has just put a matchbox car sized video camera onto their site for sale. The tiny toy car actually looks pretty good for a stealth spy cam, or nanny cam. Above it’s placed atop a cellphone for size comparison- it’s pretty small and stealthy. As you can see below the parts of the car like the tires actually function as controls for it. The camera accepts micro-SD cars via a slot in it’s trunk.

It records 29 FPS at 1280 x 960 pixel resolution, which is pretty decent, although I wouldn’t expect it to be too sharp as the lens is a pinhole lens in the bumper after all. It even has motion detection. But here’s where things start to get weird (hey, it’s Brando, what do you expect?) The car comes with a vehicle power adapter, USB adapter and bizarrely enough- a tripod?!!?

Is that not the most awkward looking thing you’ve seen today? Why would you want to mount what is basically a spy camera onto a tripod? Weird.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Toy Car Hidden Video Camera

  1. That’s a really cool hidden cam. The only thing I can say against it is that I generally don’t recommend toys as cameras due to the fact that they generally get played with, and will generally ruin the camera angle that you’re trying to set up. Still a great little piece of technology, though!

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