B0rkedend Mouse Toothbrush Holder

Apparently the “word” B0rkedend has never been written on the internet before I just did. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Anywhoway, here’s a project you can do with that old mouse that doesn’t work or is simply no longer needed. Just slice the top in half, removing the buttons and the wiring inside and you’re left with a cup-like shell. The hole in the former bottom side of the mouse where the trackball or laser used to be makes an ideal spot to run a nail through it for mounting.

Whammo! Instant toothbrush and razor holder. It even matches some of those bathroom accessories you find in Bed Bath and Beyond. If you do create one of this DIY toothbrush holders and post up a picture of it on the internet for all to see, you just might want to clean it up a little bit before taking the photo- just a quick wipe down. I’m just saying…

keetsa via gearfuse

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