Matchbox Holding Toilet Paper Dispenser

After you’ve “taken care of business” in the bathroom it’s always courteous to freshen it up for the next person. Experienced “businessmen” know that a quick and effective way to make it smell nice is to light a match. But where to put the matchbook? Leaving it on the back of the toilet or on the counter or sink can make it easy to miss. The Matchbox TP Dispenser solves this age old problem with an elegant and thoughtful solution: putting a matchbox holder someplace you can’t miss it.

The Matchbox TP Dispenser has a small compartment to hold a box of matches and an indentation of a match below shows you just where to place the matchbox. It’s made of earthenware and comes in Nordic white or Finnish blue. And of course, it also holds a roll of toilet paper.

Now you or your guests can drop the kids off in the pool without hesitation about what the next person to use the bathroom’s olfactory senses will be subjected to. Please note that while lighting a match is a good way to clear the air, Craziest Gadgets management still officially recommends a mid-bombing courtesy flush.

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