Wireless Mailbox Alert Chime

mailbox chime
You’ve got mail! Or not. You really don’t know until you go out and open up your mailbox. There’s an easier way to find out without having to venture out into the elements- get the Smarthome SELECT Wireless Mailbox Reminder and Mail Alert System. This device simply alerts you any time your mailbox is opened. All you need to do is attach the sensor to the inside door of most standard mailboxes with the double-sized adhesive strip.
mailbox chime sensor
When your mailbox is opened, it sends a wireless signal out up to 300 feet to the receiver. The receiver gives you both a visual and an audio alert when the mailbox is accessed. The light will stay on until you reset it, ensuring that you definitely know that mail has been delivered.
mailbox chime alert
With the mailbox alert system you can avoid unnecessary trips out to the mailbox. You can get an alert in case your mailbox is opened during non-delivery hours which can prevent stolen mail and possible identity theft. No need to continuously check outside to see if that passing vehicle was a mail truck or not. When your mail is delivered, you will know. Would also work if you use a similar style mailbox for your newspaper delivery.