iDuck Wireless Duck Speaker

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to your iPod in the bath you know that they’re not exactly what you’d call waterproof (trust me on that! I learned my lesson the hard way). There’s one bath accessory that’s never gone out of style- the rubber duckie. So what if you could combine the rubber duck with an iPod speaker? You’d have the iDuck Wireless Speaker.

Your iPod or lesser MP3 playing device plugs into the egg shaped transmitter and it sends the music wirelessly to the waterproof duck speaker. The iDuck also has a color changing light feature to further set the bath mood. Perfect for the bath or any other duck-themed room you might have in your home.

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  1. Please can you tell me where can I buy an “iDuck wireless duck speaker” and how do I order one? Many thanks.

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