Swann Wireless Doormat Alarm

The Swann Sw351-Wma Wireless Mat Alarm turns your doormat into a doorbell. The weather resistant pressure sensitive mat slides under your existing doormat and sends a signal to the wireless transmitter up to 100 feet away when someone steps on the mat. The portable bell unit is mountable or free-standing and can be set to 3 different chimes with adjustable volume settings.

You can use it as a doorbell, an alarm (it can be set up to a loud 120db), or as one review suggests- as an alert system for you dog. Either set it up on the inside so your dog can signal it wants to go out or outside to signal it wants to come back in. Just train your dog to sit on the mat- no more scratched doors or barking. If you house doesn’t have a doorbell on a particular door (or at all) and you can’t wire a new one in- this works. Set it outside your tent, cabin, or RV door while camping. Lots of uses for this cool home product.

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