Tweetidor: The Twittering Humidor @Tweetidor

The trend of hooking up inane household appliances to Twitter continues with the Tweetidor, a Twittering humidor. Humidors are used to keep your cigars fresh and tasty, and in this case connected to the internet. The humidor is hooked up with an arduino and a digital hygrometer and thermometer which sends out hourly tweets giving the current stats.

The best part of this DIY project: “If it gets below 60% humidity it alerts me with a “wife alert” saying the humidor has been opened”. Oh no, the dreaded “wife alert”. I’m gonna set up a “wife alert” for my beer fridge (when I get one).

Amazingly 19 followers are interested in following it’s every change in temperature and humidity: @Tweetidor– spoiler alert, here’s the latest: “2009-09-29 11:30:02 My humidity level is 67 % and my temperature level is 70 degrees“.

Here’s what a wife alert looks like LOL: “2009-09-19 21:30:02 WARNING.. wife alert, humidor has been opened!! humidity level is 34 % and temperature level is 84“. No wife alerts in over 10 days, nice work. Riveting stuff on Twitter (more interesting than Kevin Smith’s latest tweetorgy! zing! sorry buddy, love the movies though).