Ugg Bugg is an AntiTheft Device for Ugg Boots

Ugg boots- love ’em or hate, they are everywhere. The boots are quite expensive so you definitely don’t want to lose them. Get some peace of mind with the Ugg Bugg, an anti-theft device specifically for women’s boots (Uggs or other brands). This $14.95 device has two parts- a keychain sized receiver and a transmitter that goes inside the care or size label of your boot, jacket or any valuable.

You can set the receiver to alert you from any distance you want up to 75 feet and if the Ugg goes beyond that, it will beep letting you know that someone is taking off with your boot. It can also work to find a lost boot, just switch the receiver to search and as you get closer to your missing Ugg the receiver beeps faster and faster. Although branded for the Uggs, it will work with any clothing item you want- jackets, sweaters, purses, shoes, etc.

You can buy the Ugg Bugg on eBay or at Couture Closet in Syracuse, NY.