Turn Kitty into a Cat Butler with a Wearable Cat Table

wearable cat table
Of all the cat accessories that you can buy for your feline friend, you probably never thought of getting kitty a table it can wear. Well now you have. You’re welcome. Unlike the Cat Table we featured previously, this is not a table for you that you cat can also climb into. Oh no, this is an actual (fabric) table that your cat wears on it’s back like some sort of cat butler.
cat table on cat
The Katatsu suit goes around your cats belly and attaches with velcro. On it’s back sits a portable table. Apparently cats will “love the extra warmth it provides in the colder months”. You’ll love the lol’s it provides year round. Look at this cat below with that loving “get this freakin thing off me, human” look on his sweet face.
cat table in use
On top of the table sits a cup of Japanese tea and orange. Why? Why not? The table is based on the common Japanese household item the Kotatsu which is a table over a blanket with a heater underneath. Tea and oranges would be items often found on such a table. And now you’ll have to excuse me, my cat servant has brought me a refill on my tea. Good day.