Desktop Calculator is a Wireless Spy Camera

Ever wonder what’s going on at your desk while you’re not there? Wondering who’s been stealing your office supplies and leaving sticky stains all over your keyboard? Well now you can find out with this Desktop Calculator Wireless Spy Camera. The camera is hidden in a tiny little hole on the side of the calculator:

It wirelessly transmits the signal to a receiver with a color screen where it can save the data on an SD card. To complete the spy effect, the calculator actually functions as a real calculator. It can record both audio and video. At $197, it’s not cheap, but if you absolutely need to know who keeps stealing your post-its, this is the gadget for you.

Chinavision via Geeky Gadgets

6 thoughts on “Desktop Calculator is a Wireless Spy Camera

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  2. This is a silly item to put a cctv camera in surely as it is likely to be moved on a desk or put in a drawer, obstructing the view of the people you are trying to view. It would be better in something like a desk lamp which is less likely to be moved.

  3. Ha superb. If you have petty theft in the office bet this would work a treat – as long as they don’t nick the calculator! lol

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