Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

chewbacca seatbelt
When you’re driving and stop short, the Force can be strong (sorry). Only one thing can keep you safe- airbags. Ok two things- airbags and seatbelts. Geek up your car’s seatbelt with this sweet Chewbacca Inspired Seatbelt Cover. Adds a soft wookiee touch to any seatbelt. But fear not non-drivers, you can also use it as a bag strap:
chewbacca bag strap
Made of high quality, faux fur, faux leather, felt and cotton materials, you can also use it as a guitar strap, camera strap, or any other type of strap that needs to be Star Warsicized. Wear it to your next chess game and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll win. Trust me. Keep your beard too, it helps the effect. It’s 19″ long and has velcro to adjust to different strap sizes.