Crazy Pool Floats

ice cream sandwich pool float
We just added a couple of super fun inflatable pool floats to our shop, ready to get your Summer off to a sweet start. First up is the Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float above. This is the sweetest way to lounge about and waste the day in the pool. It’s low calorie too (don’t eat it though). It even has a bite taken out so you can dangle one leg into the water (or arm if you’re weird).
inflatable toilet
Secondly we have the humorous Toilet Seat Pool Float. It definitely beats swimming in a real toilet (not that I would know). Not only is this pool float sure to get a laugh, it’s also make a great throne to relax on in the pool. Grab a newspaper and take your time, nobody’s rushing you here. Neat gag gift as well for the person who has a lot of “business” to take care of.