Clutch Purse from a VHS Tape

Turn those old virtually useless VHS tapes into a neat little clutch purse. This instructable gives you the complete process but as always we give you the simplified rundown: break tape into two halves along the seam, gut the reels and innards out, attach a pair of small hinges and some fabric to the sides to keep things from falling out when you open it. We’ve left out the most interesting part- the strap:

The strap is actually crocheted from the tape itself! Of course if you don’t have crochet skills you could substitute some other type of strap (or learn how to crochet). This bag isn’t going to hold too much, but as a geeky clutch purse, it’s pretty cool. Here’s someone wearing it- apparently a female model wasn’t available, not that there’s anything wrong with a dude wearing a clutch, just saying.

Great reuse of outdated technology.