Infinite Desktop Dungeon

infinite corridor
Put a little castle on your desk with the Infinite Dungeon Corridor. This new take on the infinite mirror effect makes it look like there’s an endless torch-lined corridor in front of you. It measures about 7” x 9.5” x 3.75” and you can hang it on your castle wall or place it on any flat surface like a desk, guillotine, table, shelf, or whatever you have in your abode.
desktop dungeon
It’s like a miniature Medieval scene for your home or office. The torches flicker (running on 3 AA batteries) and have 3 brightness levels to perfectly set the mood. Peer off into the infinite vastness of a never-ending hallway while you contemplate the meaning of life at the end of this long chamber or whether or not you should classify that accounts payable as a debit or a credit. Hint: debit.