Chewbacca Inspired Sofa Just Needs Bandolier Pillows

chewbacca sofa
I don’t know about you but whenever I watch Star Wars I think to myself “wow, I wish I was sitting on Chewbacca”. Well now I can (and maybe I actually am for all you know) with this Chewy inspired Long Wool Sofa. All it needs is some bandolier pillows, a little attitude, and a tough yet lovable smuggler pilot to ride along.
chewy sofa
The sofa itself is made of Icelandic sheepskin wool (one my personal top 5 favorite types of wool) and reclaimed oak boards for a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. It might be a sofa, but we’d recommend you don’t try to play chess against it. Seriously don’t- or if you do, let the Wookiee couch win. (via)