Beltz Bib for Neater in-Car Eating

Only in America, baby! This is why the Biggest Loser has an endless series of applicants. It’s a bib that attaches to your car’s seatbelt. Yes, for adults. It attaches to the shoulder harness of your seatbelt with velcro and protects your clothing from spills and stains. There’s a pouch at the bottom to put the food in. Great for lunch on the go- in a suit. Now you are no longer confined to eating just fast food from the drive-through while you speed down the highway- go ahead and get that lobster, it’s ok, you’ve got a bib. And it doesn’t matter how ridiculous you look, nobody can really see you while you’re driving.

Beltz Bib via Jalopnik

3 thoughts on “Beltz Bib for Neater in-Car Eating

  1. Hey, this is too cool! Admit it, the bottom line is – WE ALL EAT IN OUR CARS. Anything that keeps me from being a mess after eatig in my car (especially w/an hour commute each way) is AWESOME.

    Tell your friends & see how many people say, how simple, I should’ve thought of that! Great idea, great price!

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