Chewbacca Lunch Bag

chewbacca lunchbag
What do you want for lunch today, something crunch or sweet? How about something….chewy? No matter what you eat, it will be protected Wookiee style in the Chewbacca Lunch Bag. This bag features a furry exterior that looks just like Chewy, complete with bandolier. Inside the insulated interior is enough room for your lunch (unless you’re a 7 foot tall ball of fur, in which case maybe take 2 bags and some extra protein).
chewy lunch bag
This officially licensed lunch bag has a handle on top to carry it on board the Millennium Falcon, or whatever your vehicle of choice is (perhaps a Toyoda?). Don’t worry Star Wars fanners, there are no more bad puns in this post- stay tuned for our next Star Wars post, we’re saving some good ones. This walking carpet of a bag measures 10″ high by 7″ at it’s widest point. And always remember, let the Wookiee win.