Tokyoflash Console Watch Looks like a Control Panel

tokyoflash console
We’re really vibing off the clean retro look of this new Tokyoflash Console Acetate watch. The bright graphics kind of look like a 1960’s era control panel from some James Bond underground headquarters. Or like the dashboard from a Delorean maybe. Obvious good looks aside, this watch has a less than obvious but easy to figure out way to tell time. The hour is lit up as one of the top numbers in the hexagons, the bottom loop shows you the minutes by 5 and then you add the bars on the left for the remaining minutes. As usual, I’ve probably butchered the explanation- apologies.
tokyoflash console watch
So the first watch the time is 7:33 and this one above is 4:50. Easy enough. The strap is made of a tough white acetate, the case of stainless steel with a smoked mineral crystal lens. The watch is USB chargeable and a 3.5 hour charge powers your watch for a month. It even has automatically programmed animation- every 15 minutes between 6p and midnight the LED’s light up and move around the display in a cool pattern (you can turn that off if you want). Comes in either blue or green LED. Go back to the future!