On Air: A Seriously Minimalist Watch from Tokyoflash

The just released (like 30 minutes ago!) Kisai On Air watch from Tokyoflash takes minimalism to a whole new level. It’s a touchscreen digital watch with only one simple digital hand. The digital numbers on the watch are the minutes and they move around the clock face lining up to where the hour hand would be on an analog clock (that’s 3:45 above).

Love the minimalism; it’s as close to blank screen as you can get and still have the time shown continuously. The On Air’s LED screen is “always on” while the touchscreen LED backlighting comes in blue, red, green, or orange and the watch band comes in silver or black. You can get an idea of how the touchscreen is used as backlighting as well as to change the date, alarm, time and animation settings from the video below:

The On Air watch is the 4th fan-designed model to make it to production. The concept was drawn up by Iskender Asanaliev & Adilet Asanaliev, from Kyrgyzstan. The case and strap are made of stainless steel. Tokyoflash sells this limited edition watch for $189 (silver) and $199 (black) but it’s $20 off for the first 48 hours after it’s release (until 12/15/11 11:59p ET, free shipping too)

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