Tokyoflash Sound Sensitive Equalizer Watch

The newest watch from Tokyoflash features a really cool full on equalizer effect. The Tokyoflash OTO Watch is sound reactive, with flashing equalizer type bars on the top and bottom along with colored LED lighting effects that go along with the ambient room sound. You probably want to know how to tell the time too, right? Simple- just read the left four digits, top row then bottom (12:51 and 03:54 above). The two digits on the right side are the seconds, read vertically.

The watch has some other cool features like simple USB charging so you don’t need to swap out annoying watch batteries. You can control the level of sound sensitivity as well as setting it to equalizer only- no time- because in the club time doesn’t matter until it’s time to go. It also has the date and an alarm and comes in a black anodized case with your choice of blue, green, red or amber LED display.