Tokyoflash Polygon Watch

Tokyoflash has released yet another intriguingly odd watch and this time it’s full of shapes- polygons to be exact (or inexact really). The Tokyoflash Polygon watch is another one of those “easy to read the time if you know how” designs that is their hallmark. No you don’t need to know trigonometry to figure it out (although if you know trig, you’ll probably love this watch). Here’s how you do it:

The hours are indicated by the outermost ring of 12 polygons (just like a clock, right?), the minutes- by tens- use the inner ring of larger triangles with the final digit of the time being shown written out in the center. It’s actually pretty clever and logical once you see it. The watch comes in a black or silver stainless steel case with 4 different LCD screen color choices for each. Water resistant, backlighting, date and alarm- all the goodies are here. It all adds up to awesome.