Nekura Scramble Color Changing Watch

The Nekura Scramble is yet another outstanding looking watch from Tokyoflash. The watch features an always-on LCD screen as well as embedded LED lights below the screen to change the colors. Here’s the watch in it’s natural uncolored state:

Like most Tokyoflash watches this one has a unique way of telling time that’s easy to see once you know the trick. For the Nekura Scramble the large blocks on the left and right represent the hours (lit up clockwise), the row down the middle is for the minutes in five minute increments and the 4 small lines at the top middle are the single minutes. So the top photo here shows a watch at 9:51.

As mentioned above the Scramble lets you change the color of the display- you can pick one of 6 colors or have it cycle through all the colors. The watch also features an alarm and an adjustable stainless steel band and is water resistant. Tokyoflash has the watch for a limited time at a heavily discounted price of $76.58.

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