This Watch Looks Like a Nuclear Reactor Control Panel

radioactive watch
Danger! Tokyoflash’s latest watch, the Kisai Radioactive looks like something you’d in a nuclear power plant. It has a bold retro style with flashing lights and curved lines and the nuclear radiation symbol. Yet it’s still a watch and it’s pretty simple to see the time once you know what you’re looking for:
radioactive watch
Easy enough, you don’t need to be nuclear scientist to figure out the time. The stainless steel case gives it a polished industrial look that complements the design that looks like it would be something that a Bond villain would be controlling. Insert your own clever double entendre right about here friends.
tokyoflash radioactive
With a watch like this with the bells and whistles and flashing lights (you can program it to flash up every 15 minutes during the evening hours if you want to…or not) it uses up the battery faster than a boring ol’ non-flashing watch. No worries though, the battery is rechargeable via USB and one charge is good for 30 days of use so you don’t have to change the battery. Win. Look, it’s even good for guys and girls:
Wow, double blue steel right there. The watch has an alarm, adjustable strap and is water resistant. Plus it’s way fun to pretend you’re saving the earth from atomic meltdown daily. Or causing it, right Homer?