Tune Blocker Charges iPods without iTunes Loading

Sometimes you want to charge and sometimes you want to sync. When you plug in your iPod to your computer iTunes will either load up every time or never load up, depending on how you set the preferences. But what if you have multiple iPods/iPhones or don’t want it to do the same thing every time? The Tune Blocker charging cable is a simple solution. It’s a cord with a switch on it, you flip it to sync or just charge depending on what you want. No need to tweak iTunes settings every time.

Want to charge a friend’s iPod on your computer (or vice versa) without messing up your settings? No problem. Want to just unplug your iPhone without having to “eject” it safely? Just set Tune Blocker to “charge”. Not for everyone but for those who fit the need, it could be incredibly handy. 3 foot long cable is compatible with all iPod models.

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