Landscape Scene Humidifiers

These have to be some of the more interesting humidifiers we’ve come across. The Natural Formula Vaporizing Humidifiers (btw that name is horrible, it doesn’t tell you anything about the product) come in three different little cut-out natural colors and scenes. Information is a bit sparse on these but it looks like you punch or cut out the images yourself and then slide them into the humidifier base.

It claims “super quiet passive action” which I take to mean it doesn’t run on electricity but instead the animal and landscape cut-outs wick up moisture from the water-filled plastic base and evaporate it out into the air. Kind of like the ol’ bowl of water on the radiator trick except it will make for a much more interesting conversation piece (“hey is that a bowl of water on the radiator”, “yeah”, “cool”). $49 from Gizmine.