Vodafone Truck Can Charge 2000 Cell Phones

Just in time for music festival season, Vodafone is bring the big guns out. Or big rigs as the case may be here. They’ve got this monstrous truck with a side panel that folds down into a set of stairs. If you climb up the stairs into the truck you’ll find:

A counter with lovely service representatives ready to charge your phone up. There are banks of cords and shelves ready to hold your phone and give you a boost while you enjoy the music.

The truck can charge up to 2000 phones at once in the same amount of time it takes to charge up at home. Of course you have to be a Vodafone customer and this is only in the UK but maybe a US carrier will step up and provide a service like this for a US festival this summer.

(via thenextweb) thanks suzieg

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