Parasync: A Dock for 20 iPods or iPhones

parasync ipod dock
In my household we have a number of Apple products- 2 iPhone 3GS’s, an iPod Nano, 2 iPod Mini’s, and a Shuffle (my address is below, the key is under the doormat, I’m not home tomorrow at all, come on over). Most of those all into the no longer used category but we do sometimes have charging and syncing issues when trying to charge up multiple Apple devices at once. But we certainly don’t have a need for a 20 dock charger like the Parasync.

This thing is crazy! It can hold, sync and charge up to 20 of your iPhone, iPod Touches, Nanos, or Classics at the same time via a single USB cable. Clearly this is not a product aimed at the consumer market unless you’re Jon and Kate plus 8, the Ocotomom or that 18 Kids and Counting family. But for a business that needs to load up large quantities of iPods with the same files quickly, the Parasync is ideal. (I can’t think of any businesses that would need it, if you have any ideas, leave a comment).

via gizmodo

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