Electronic Drum Machine Shirt

This is some serious next level stuff in playable music clothing. The Electronic Drum Machine Shirt works just like a real E-Drum with 9 different drum kits available featuring 7 professional grade drum sounds from each one. That’s 63 different possible beat sounds. But wait, that’s not all. You can create loops! You can layer music on top of the loops. It’s polyphonic so you can hit all 7 drums at once (we recommend sticking to like 2 or 3 at a time unless your name is Neil Peart). The sound comes out of a hip-mounted amplifier, that goes to 11, as it should. Check out the demo video:

You can mix and match drums from the different kits to create unique beats. There’s an analog audio output jack to hook it up to your stereo or computer or whatever. Take your beat to the street or while you eat. The drum pads come off the shirt for easy machine washing. Overall we think this shirt is cool as all hell. This ThinkGeek exclusive created drum shirt is available now for $29.99 in sizes S-XXL.