Washing Machine Aquarium

washing machine aquarium
Have you ever looked at one of those front loading washing machines and thought to yourself, “this would make a great aquarium”? Well now you will. And you’re not alone. Rochester Appliance came up with the idea to add some extra visual appeal to their appliance showroom and got right to work.
washing machine fishtank inside
They gutted the washing machine. Then they cleaned out the drum, waterproofed the tub, making sure to do everything using fish-safe materials. Added in a filter, air pump, accesses, heater, and water treatment products. It’s just that easy. 3 easy steps. Because of the weight of the tank when filled with water, they opted to suspend it via cables to the top of the machine.
washing machine fishtank fish
Next they added some LED lights and some cool fish and boom! It’s the best thing to come out of Rochester since the garbage plate. Full instructions on how to make your own here.