Suitcase Drum Set

Mike Reetz is a drummer who became jealous of his fellow bandmembers ability to just pack up their guitars and basses into bags and take them anywhere. Rather than take out his rage with a monster 25 minute Moby Dick drum solo followed up by a The Who-style instrument smashing, he decided to build his own traveling drum kit. The Suitcase Drum Set actually uses the suitcase itself (a Samsonite Heritage) as the bass drum. The whole set folds neatly up and packs away into the suitcase:

The kit consists of the suitcase bass drum, a snare drum, hi-hats, splash cymbal, ride cymbal, and cowbell. Mike has used his homemade kit at over 500 shows throughout the Midwest region. Check out the video to see and hear it in action:

Mike left full instructions on how to build your own drum set in a suitcase over at Instructables. Cool instrument.

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