Sonic Wallets Play a Sound When Opened

Your wallet is boring. Boring looking, boring sounding. Add some excitement to something in your pants (we’re talking about your wallet, sicko!) with Sonic Wallets. When you open up these tough Tyvek wallets, they play a sound to match the colorful all-over design. The American Flag wallet plays either “Stars and Stripes Forever” or “The Star Spangled Banner”. The Baseball wallet plays classic baseball ballpark sounds. The Buddha wallet has chants and meditative sounds. The Drum Machine wallet- you can guess what that one sounds like- here’s a sample:

There’s a Jesus one with some angels and harp sounds (apparently Jesus himself wasn’t available for recording). There’s the Moolah cow design Sonic Wallet that says “moooolah” in a few different ways. Edward Munch’s “The Scream” and the Shakespeare Insult wallet complete the collection. You can hear all the wallets and buy them here for $19.95 each.