Illuminated Drumsticks Light Up the Beat

light up drumsticks
These TAC Illuminated Drum Sticks
might just be the coolest thing in drumming since Tommy Lee went into a rotating drum kit and played upside down during Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls tour. These drumsticks light up when they strike a drum (or anything) giving you a dramatic light show. Perfect for use with Rock Band, Guitar Hero or other music playing video games. Or for regular ol’ rock n’ roll drumming.
light up drumsticks2
The silicon tip reduces that annoying thumping noise when you hit the drum. The drumsticks are powered by a pair of included AAA batteries. There is a rubberized grip for comfort. So whether you’re a drumming video gamer or looking to start your own Blue Man Group in your basement, you should buy Illuminated Drum Sticks. Rock on.

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